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Get the skinny on restaurants, events, attractions and much more in and around Metro Detroit.

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Welcome to The Detroit Skinny

NiceThingsFor about a year now I’ve been making excuses why I haven’t been able to dedicate the time to start my own blog, but that ends tonight. Welcome to my new blog, The Detroit Skinny.

I want this site to be a resource for those who live, work, play or are just curious about Detroit, but are just looking for the quick rundown on town — the skinny, if you will.

Growing up just outside of Detroit and having worked and/or lived in the city for a collective six years, I’ve developed a passion for all of the great things going on in The D. I’m hardly a Detroit veteran (trust me, there are plenty!), but I do enjoy helping people get to know Detroit based on my firsthand experience.


Here are some things I love that will probably be recurring themes on my blog:

  • The City of Detroit, its landmarks and unique neighborhoods.
  • Food, Detroit restaurants and cooking (sometimes).
  • Craft beer, Michigan breweries, cocktails, wine and bars in general.
  • Fitness, running and trying my best to achieve good health (don’t confuse me with a health nut).
  • Traveling and exploring the Motor City through photography.
  • Nonprofits and organizations doing great things in Detroit.

I promise to give you honest thoughts/feedback on things in Detroit that I have actually experienced or am genuinely interested in. If you have any questions or tips about Detroit-centric news, send me a Tweet at @AngelaHernandez.