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A Visit to the Fowling Warehouse in Detroit

Just over a year since The Fowling Warehouse‘s official Hamtramck grand opening, I finally had a chance to give it a shot.

Fowling is a game that blends football, bowling and horseshoes. The basic idea is to knock down the opposing team’s bowling pins by throwing a football at them from across the lane. If it sounds easy, it isn’t. But it’s definitely fun!

Much like other tailgate games, you have to get the hang of your stance, style and technique. Your team’s fate also depends on your defensive reaction time in guarding your pins, so you’ll want to wear flat or athletic shoes.

They don’t serve food, but you can bring your own or have something delivered. If you want to start your night out with dinner on the town, I’d recommend Detroit’s Original Buddy’s Pizza on Conant St. or Polish Village Cafe (cash only), which are both nearby.

Other highlights of The Fowling Warehouse include:

  • Live music
  • A full bar and solid craft beer selection (draft and bottle)
  • A mystery beer vending machine

Open fowling is $10 per person, but you may have to wait a while since the lanes are shared (think pool hall). Reserving lanes is best if you have more than a few people and want to play as a group ($120 for up to 10 people for two hours).

You might get a little turned around finding the place for the first time, especially after dark. It’s a warehouse. To get there, it’s almost like making a U-turn onto Christopher St. from Conant St. My phone GPS didn’t quite register that.

THE SKINNY: Fowling is an amazing game concept and awesome idea for a good time out with friends. It gets really busy, so your best bet is to make a reservation. Eat beforehand or bring your own food, and remember to wear flat shoes. The Fowling Warehouse is located in Hamtramck, about two miles from I-75 and about a 10-minute drive from downtown. Parking is free. For information visit

Have you been to The Fowling Warehouse? What did you think of it?