The Detroit Skinny

Get the skinny on restaurants, events, attractions and much more in and around Metro Detroit.

About The Detroit Skinny


About The Detroit Skinny

My goal is to give you the straight story, the skinny, about cool things happening in the Motor City. Not what you’ve heard, what you need to know. And yes, thank you Lena Dunham for inspiring the name for my blog. I know you were joking (p.s. let’s hang out?).

The content of this blog reflects my own personal views and not necessarily those of my employer or anyone else. Occasionally, I may write about organizations, events or places I have a professional association with and promise to disclose that when I do.

About Me

My name is Angela and I’m a young, driven communications professional with a passion for Detroit. This is my own space to share thoughts of my Detroit adventures with others. Hopefully you read something that inspires you to create your own memories in The D.

Here are some things I love that will probably be recurring themes on my blog:

  • The City of Detroit, its landmarks and unique neighborhoods.
  • Food, Detroit restaurants and cooking (sometimes).
  • Craft beer, Michigan breweries, cocktails, wine and bars in general.
  • Fitness, running and trying my best to not screw up my health while I’m young.
  • Traveling and exploring the city through photography.
  • Nonprofits and organizations doing great things in Detroit.

Why Detroit?

I fell in love with Detroit when I took my first job out of college. Even as a native Michigander, I had my heart set on moving to Chicago to live the big-city agency lifestyle. I soon realized I didn’t have to move out of the mitten to get what I was looking for. I’ve lived, worked or played in Detroit for about seven years and the city still surprises me every day.


2 thoughts on “About The Detroit Skinny

  1. Hey Angela, I’m looking to propose to my girlfriend in Detroit and looking for an awesome “city-scape view”. Just wondering if you knew of any places that are accessible? Like rooftops or top of buildings?

    My Girlfriend loves Detroit and know it would mean the world to her…


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